Learn to cultivate high-quality, backyard marijuana with author Crash Barry and his wife Sweetgrass, during a weekend-long adult summer camp in the foothills of western Maine. After completing The Crash Course in Cannabis Cultivation, you'll know how to clone, prune, train, feed, harvest, trim, cure and consume the wondrous flower that thrives so well under Maine's summer sun. And you'll go home with three seedlings of your own, along with cannabis salve and cannabis tincture that YOU MADE. The all-inclusive weekend isn't totally devoted to experiential learning about ganja, though. There's time for swimming in a nearby pristine lake or hiking though the woods to magic boulders, secret streams and beaver ponds. Or climb to the rock summit of a local mountain for a bird's eye view. Or just chill by the campfire, singing songs, playing guitar and swapping stories, while you await your next delicious meal or fun and informative hands-on seminar. Various levels of accommodation are available, from fairly primitive campsites to a rustic bunkhouse or the retro Canna-Camper. All inclusive price for the weekend: $420 american dollars, plus lodging ($40 to $100 per night) and applicable taxes. 

2017 Class Schedule

June 9- 11

July 7- 9

August 4-6

August 18- 20

September 8- 10

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