Spend a summer weekend in the foothills of western Maine immersed in The Crash Course in Cannabis Cultivation. Learn the fundamentals of growing high quality backyard marijuana, using time-tested professional methods. 

After completing this fun-filled, hands-on botanical experience, you’ll understand the basics of growing organic cannabis, including propagation, plant development, training, pruning, feeding, disease and pest prevention and treatment. You’ll know when to harvest and how to trim, dry and cure for storage. You’ll create salve and tincture to take home, plus learn how to make your own edibles, capsules and lip balm.

Due to the seasonal progression of cannabis development, each Crash Course is a little different, but all attendees will see and touch flowering marijuana plants. Those attending the June and July sessions will receive three seedings to grow over the summer of 2017. Registrants of the August and September sessions will experience a flowering marijuana grove, providing inspiration for the 2018 growing season.

The Crash Course is an off-the-grid, rustic glamping experience like no other. Swim in a mineral-rich lake. Watch a pig devour a snack of marijuana leaves. Fill your water jug from a running spring. Gaze into the millions of stars in the unspoiled night sky. All while learning the simple but valuable skill of cultivating your very own tasty ganja, free of chemicals, cartels, corporations and government surcharge. Space is limited, so early registration is recommended. 

The Crash Course is led by author Crash Barry and Professor Sweetgrass Moonshine. After two decades of combined agricultural experience, enriched with guidance by a talented master cannabis grower, Crash and Sweetgrass are eager to share secrets, tips and lessons they’ve learned.