Author, filmmaker and cannabis connoisseur Crash Barry writes about marijuana politics and policy for Due to the prolific ganja references in his best-selling books Sex, Drugs & Blueberries, Tough Island and Marijuana Valley, the Portland Press Herald called Crash Barry “Maine’s de facto pot ambassador.”

Crash also turned his novel Sex, Drugs and Blueberries into a full-length film about the oxycontin abuse epidemic in Down East Maine.

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Failed rocker Ben moves to Down East Maine with his schoolteacher wife to start a new life. Desperate for cash, he signs on as a blueberry raker where he's lured into a seamy world of sex and drugs that could lead to his downfall. Alternating between temptation and ecstasy, desperation and guilt, Ben discovers how quickly things can go wrong.

Sex, Drugs & Blueberries is a film by Crash Barry, based on his novel, and starring Maine rock icon Dave Gutter. It's a gritty look at the oxycontin abuse epidemic that has plagued Washington County, Maine since 1997. Due to strong language and explicit depictions of drug use and blueberry raking, (along with sexual discussions, brief sex scenes and nudity), this 88-minute film is not recommended for children or the prudish.